“Portraits of Feelings” at Blue Lagoon Princess Hotel

This summer TUI BLUE LAGOON PRINCESS HOTEL presents & hosts the amazing collective exhibition of contemporary art “Portraits of Feelings” curated by the Interior Designer and Artist Christina Lappa.

Christina passionately paints topics inspired by her home country, Venezuela. More crea- tive than ever, in the grim reality of the pandemic, she created 120 new paintings that are snap- shots of the everyday life.

With her drawing tools: acrylics, spatulas and paintbrush, she transfers to the canvas a color ex- plosion, the main theme being a parrot, this incredible bird that is wildly loved in Latin America.

The parrot has always been part of Lappa’s subject matters, but with the practice of the “series”, she now forms “portraits” of that particular bird, conveying yet another different emotion every time.  Sometimes with its head high and others with its its gaze low, the parrot either conveys timidity, distress and fear or intelligence, confidence, love, optimism and tenderness.

Grab the opportunity to see all these portraits one by one as you move into the hotel for a unique art exhibition.

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