I paint because this is what I love to do. I have been painting since I was a student and my dream was to blossom people’s feelings through my paintings.

Christina was born in Venezuela; thus, most of her paintings are inspired by her birthplace. She studied interior design in Spain and now lives in Greece, where she works as an architect and interior designer of houses, commercial areas, and hotels.

From a young age, she paints with passion. Bright colors and contrasts characterize her art. The compositions with different materials and techniques depicting the colorful parrots are impressive. Her works exude light, mobility, and a constant switching that attracts the viewer’s eye. In conjunction with mysterious combinations of themes and color schemes, the balletic female figures offer a unique personality to each artwork.

Christina Lappa talks about the essence of life and feminine nature using simple mediums, intense colors, and minimal descriptive elements. Her paintings are characterized by an atmosphere of warmth, harmony, and tranquility caused by the particular form in which she depicts her central theme: the female.

Her “woman” walks freely with her shadow in space and time, in the vast theatrical stage of the world. She is a mother, a young woman, and a child. She works, enjoys her physical strength, talks carefree, moves on the chessboard of life obeying the internal moral laws, and dances her dance, which she teaches freely, in her dress waving.

From 2000 to today, the figure in the painter’s works has evolved and changed. At first, it is more realistic and seems sturdy and durable. But as the years pass, the painter removes elements and transforms the figure always in motion, an ethereal, almost transparent presence.

She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in galleries, art shows, fairs, biennials, and museums around the world, including Thessaloniki, Athens, Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, Mantova, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Taza City, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapur, Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Miami.